Phantom Ball Print for Side Street Projects


Founded in 1992 by Karen Atkinson and Joe Luttrell, Side Street Projects is a completely-mobile, artist-run nonprofit organization. It’s mission is to give artists of all ages the ability and the means to support their creative endeavors. Side Street Projects teaches artists how to roll up their sleeves and do things themselves with education programs that encourage self-reliance and creative problem solving in a contemporary art context.

This year, Side Street Projects 20th Annual Phantom Ball artist is Alexandra Grant.  Instead of coming to the Phantom Ball, Side Street Projects invites you to “pick something you want to do, but haven’t (because you can’t find the time) and do that instead.”  By buying a “ticket” to Side Street Projects‘ 20th Annual Phantom Ball, they willl send you the “party favor” made for this infamous non-event: a signed, limited-edition print by Grant created exclusively for the Phantom Ball (edition of 150).  To buy a print and help support Side Street’s mission:

Interior Forest at 18th Street Arts Center opens June 1






April 15 – June 28, 2013 / 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica
Gallery hours:
Monday – Friday from 11am – 6pm

Opening: June 1, 7 -9pm

Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest is a multi-faceted project by Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Grant encompassing a series of public drawing sessions, reading groups, artist collaborations and an installation at 18th Street Arts Center. Co-curated by Pilar Tompkins Rivas and Isabelle Le Normand, this work premieres in Santa Monica and is presented at Mains d’Oeuvres in Saint-Ouen, France this fall.

Based on an ongoing exchange with the iconic French author, poet, playwright and philosopher Hélène Cixous, Grant focuses on Cixous’ book Philippines as a source for imagery, centering on the repeating thematic of the forest as a profound shared space. Drifting between a real and an imagined place, the forest becomes a site for communion with what Cixous terms “the perfect Other.”

As an exhibition, Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest features the work of artists Frances Garreston, Channing Hansen, Bari Ziperstein, Annelie McKenzie and Tina Linville who produced sculptural, “Visiting Trees” (Arbres d’Ailleurs).  The participatory drawing, “The Perfect Other,” was created by 238 collaborators, all listed here:

Luca Acheson, Basim Al Ansar, Lita Albuquerque, Marya Alford, Shiva Aliabadi, Lauren Andino, Janine Arbelaez, Carmen Argote, Shagha Ariannia, Myke Armstrong, Joshua Aster, Chad Attoe, Daniyar Aynit, Adriana Baltazar, Raul Baltazar, Diana Barash, Alizée Bariatti, Michael W. Barnard, Tyler Barnett, Jonny Barrios, Andrew Beath, Christine Beebe, Nancy Berman, Amy Bourne, Clémence Bourquin, Leonardo Bravo, Hallie Breene, Tyler Bremer, Gianpaolo Bucci, Kristin Calabrese, Mark Carrie, Nereida Castro, Nina Castro, York Chang, Penny Chen, Allison Cheung, JoAnne Colonna, Steven Conklin, Julia Countryman, Kyle Cowser, Zoe Crosher, Colomba Cruz, Caryl Davis, Tom Dean, Wanda Decca, Jake Dotson, Dana Duff, Emma Gray, Danny Escalante, Lauren Evanow, Joy Feasley, Kyla Fenning, Rachel Finkelstein, Charity Gaye Finnestad, Merle Fishman, Jessica Fleischmann, Luis Flores, Jen Frank, Debra Frascarelli, Eugenie Fremiot, Jonathan Furmanski, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Elizabeth Gallardo, Kit Galloway, Angel Garcia, Frances Garriston, Alyse Gellis, Yvette Gellis, Christiane Georgi, Nimrod Gershoni, Chiara Giovando, Jane Glassman, Amanda Goch, Meghan Gordon, Adeline Gourdoux, Karen Graff, Alexandra Grant, Audra Graziano, Mark Steven Greenfield, Shona Gupta, Sarah Hagmann, Leila Hamidi, Simon Hanna, J. Scott Hardman, Nicole Heetland, Mary Beth Heffernan, Art Helterbran, Katie Herzog, Annette Heully, Asuka Hisa, Vincent Ho, Rosemary Hochschild, Anna Maria Hoffman, Catherine Holliss, Violet Hopkins, Jeanette Horn, Cathy Hsiao, Salomon Huerta, Aska Irie, Ichiro Irie, Gillian Jacobs, Hillary Jacobs, Mason Jar, Alexandre Jousse, River Jukes-Hudson, Tricia Jurovic, Ann Kaneko, Ceiba Kaneko, Fitzhugh Karol, Robert Kondrk, Talbot Kondrk, Clara Kornelis, Arzu Arda Kosar, Simone Kussatz, Sam Laughlin, Janet Le, Heather Lee, Adee Levy, Doris Levy, Jonathaan Levy, Kris Lewis, Mark Licari, Galia Linn, Tina Linville, Dan Lloyd, Joanne Lloyd, Joe Lloyd, Lisa Lo Russo, Anthony Lopez, Richard Louderback, Benjamin Love, Monica Magdaleno, Elana Mann, Gavin Marshall, Jeremy Mascia, Anna Mayer, Yassi Mazandi, David McDonald, Annelie McKenzie, Elise McMillen, Kathleen Melian, Fred Mezzo, John Mills, Jessica Minckley, Hayley Miner, Melissa Mooney, Anthony Morales, Toyin Moses, Kathrine Narducci, Robert Nashak, Jess Newman, Karyl Newman, Larissa Nickel, Cody Norris, Madeleine Nyhagen, Heather O’Brien, John David O’Brien, Mary Eileen O’Donnell, Geoffrey Olson, Stas Orlaski, Ruby Osorio, Hayley Owen, Marcus Owens, Kiran Paesel, Fabia Panjarian, Laura Pardini (FR), Laura Pardini (USA), Marcus Perez, Ben Peyser, Hannah Phillips, Bruce Polichar, Mary Anna Pomonis, Lauralee Pope, Nancy Popp, Gala Porras-Kim, Ashley Pottenger, Cortney Prudente, Rebeca Puga, Ho Yan Pun, Jessica Queller, Sophie Queller, Joy Rath, Judith Ravenswood, Juliet Ravenswood, Linda Ravenswood, Ingrid Reeve, Cindy Rehm, Friederike Reveman, Joakin Reveman, Steve Roden, Jeanne Roderick, Rachelle Rojany, Tatiana Rose, Shelley Rugg Thorp, Trinidad Ruiz, Olivia Sanchez Brown, Whitney Sander, Wyeth Sander, Kim Schoenstadt, Leander Schwazer, Roberto Sheinberg, Becca Shewmake, Fran Siegel, Susan Silton, San Sit, Samantha Snowden, Justin Stadel, Mark Storhaug, Keng Sumsiripong, Valerie Sun, Franz Szymanski, Andrea Tennis, Elaine Teso, Martin Teso, Jolyn Tyahyadi Tjhia, Pilar Tompkins Rivas, Scotty Tran, Stephen Truax, Shirley Tse, Chih Chen Tseng, Beatriz Valls, Florian Viel, Cheryl Walker, Lolly Ward, Robyn Weinstein, Maria Welch, Leora Wien, Jan Williamson, Robin Wolf, Mel Woods, Janet Worcester, Peter Wu, Samantha Wu, Suzy Yaako, Meital Yaniv, Carolyn Yuen, Goldie Zaldivar, Jody Zellen, and Alexis Zoto.

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Come to Paris! The Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest continues at Mains d’Oeuvres in Saint-Ouen, France, with public participation beginning on August 24 until September 12, opening on September 13, and the exhibition running from September 14 to October 27, 2013.

Photo credit: Brian Forrest.

Painting in Place, organized by Los Angeles Nomadic Division, opens May 22


Painting in Place

Exhibition dates: May 22 – July 31, 2013 with gallery hours Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 12 – 6pm and Thursday 1 – 7pm

LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) will present Painting in Place, a group exhibition of contemporary painting in the historic Farmers and Merchants Bank in Downtown Los Angeles (401 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013) from May 22-July 31, 2013. Painting in Place is curated by LAND’s Co-Founder, Director, and Curator, Shamim M. Momin.

The exhibition will present a wide array of work from contemporary artists that tackle painting from various perspectives, using both traditional and unconventional techniques and media in their approach to the discipline. Exploring various ways that the definition of painting is continuously evolving, the project seeks to expand the traditional parameters of painting, sculpture, and installation: blurred, deconstructed, and refigured.

Three overlapping themes permeate the exhibition: the representation or metaphor of the body/self, memory and the passing of time, and the depiction and negotiation of spatial environments and architectural structures. Subjects will be explored, investigated, and highlighted through the juxtaposition and placement of these paintings within the site-specific context of the historic bank, built in 1905, which is still a cornerstone of Downtown Los Angeles.

Artists include Rita Ackermann, Kevin Appel, Jennifer Boysen, Sarah Cain, N. Dash, Matias Faldbakken, Kim Fisher, Barnaby Furnas, Alexandra Grant, Matt Greene, Mark Hagen, David Hendren, Julian Hoeber, Rashid Johnson, Jacob Kassay, Olga Koumoundouros, Jim Lee, Nate Lowman, Allison Miller, Sam Moyer, Amanda Ross-Ho, Analia Saban, Kate Shepherd, Gary Simmons, Vincent Szarek, Britton Tolliver, Kon Trubkovich, Monique van Genderen, and Bobbi Woods.

I see my self in you — a new neon edition by Lapis Press

Grant, Alexandra_I see my self in you 2013_AG13-0032

I see my self in you, 2013
coated glass tubing, argon gas, transformer and mirror
51 x 16 x 2 inches / 130 x 41 x 5 cm (coated glass tubing)
Edition of 3

This sculpture is a part of Grant’s new series, the “Century of the Self.” As this sculpture was debuted in Los Angeles Nomadic Division’s (LAND’s) show “Painting in Place,” a portion of the proceeds from this edition benefit their mission.

Photo credit: Lapis Press.

Hypertextualist Michael Joyce on Alexandra Grant, Hélène Cixous, and Carolyn Guyer

Grant and Joyce with nimbus1 at Machine Project 2004_1

Hypertextualist Michael Joyce on Alexandra Grant, Hélène Cixous, and Carolyn Guyer

As part of KCET’s mapping of Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant’s interdisciplinary and collaborative project “Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest,” Grant has invited writer Michael Joyce to create an innovative piece of writing about the project.

Photo credit: Machine Project.

The Cixous Reading Group: A Pop-Up Seminar on Feminism by Robert Nashak


A Pop-Up Seminar on Feminism

The Cixous Reading Group, a newly formed collaboration of Los Angeles-based artists and writers, is a kind of pop-up seminar, trying to reframe what it means to be a feminist today.  By Robert Nashak.

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On Telepathy and Philippines: A Conversation with Alexandra Grant and Hélène Cixous


On Telepathy and Philippines: A Conversation with Alexandra Grant and Hélène Cixous

By Alexandra Grant.

Several years ago, the French writer, playwright, and philosopher Hélène Cixous gave me one of her books, “Philippines,” as a source for collaboration between her text and my artistic practice. “Philippines” is based around the story of “Peter Ibbetson,” a novel by Georges du Maurier, where two childhood friends are separated by class and country, reuniting as adults in a shared dream that takes place in a primal forest. Hélène describes the book as filled with “silhouettes of characters that seemed to have always been with me.”

Video and excerpts from my conversation with Hélène are here:

Photo credit: Kevin Kane.